Our goal is to preserve Sarasota’s quality of life and return the citizens’ voice to the development approval process.  To that end, we are pursuing four very specific changes in the City’s Downtown Master Plan & Zoning Code:

  1.  Revise Concurrency Traffic Studies to make the outcome more favorable to the City of Sarasota and more likely to yield developer payments for road improvements.  In addition, require realistic traffic studies that reflect on-the-ground traffic conditions, public transportation challenges and safety issues. See Traffic Study Report: A Laymen's Guide.

  2. End Administrative Approval for large projects downtown, and return to the Planning Board and City Commission review and approval process,  a public process which provides up to three separate opportunities for the public to be involved – Community Workshop, Planning Board public hearing and City Commission public hearing.  All are publicly noticed and allow citizens to submit material and speak.
  3. Prevent the expansion of Administrative Approval to other areas of the City, expected as part of the new Urban Design code, to be presented soon.

  4. Change City Code to require wide sidewalks and tree-lined streetsper standards in Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context-Sensitive Approach, published 2010, Congress for the New Urbanism and the Institute of Transportation Engineers.