Steering Committee

STOP! is a dynamic civic group formed in 2016 to advocate for specific changes to the City of Sarasota’s zoning code and approach to development. Strategic guidance for the group is the responsibility of the Steering committee, whose members are introduced below.  

Mollie Cardamone, (past Sarasota Mayor): “STOP! wants to return the look and feel of our city to our elected city commissioners not the developers.”

Bob Hendel:  “One look at the Echelon condo on S. Palm Avenue shows you the disastrous consequences of the 2005 Form Based Code – zero setbacks and no public input. It simply is not compatible in any respect with the existing character of South Palm Ave. We can’t let that happen again on S. Palm or anywhere else in the City.”

Mike Lasche: “Sarasota’s experiment with packed in buildings, concrete canyons, looming buildings, narrow sidewalks, few trees, and ugly, incompatible developments  must STOP!”

Kate Lowman: “STOP! is all about the public voice, and making that voice heard.”

Jude Levy:  “Restore the residents’ right to shape the City’s future with public meetings on large projects downtown and protect neighborhoods from lot line to lot line development.”

Bill Noonan: “Both realistic comprehensive traffic studies and citizen participation in our city’s approval process should be mandatory for future projects.”

Eileen Normile, (past Sarasota City Commissioner): “STOP! endeavors to understand key issues through extensive research and then works to convey that information to the public. Opinions grounded in fact are the most powerful.

Gretchen Serrie: “I want the quality of life for future generations of Sarasotans to be equal to that which it has been my privilege to enjoy.”