STOP! is a community-based organization of Sarasota citizens.  We are volunteers who come from all parts of the City of Sarasota:  downtown, the keys, and the City’s mainland neighborhoods. Our backgrounds are diverse – business, the arts, health care, education, government, the law and more.

We all have one goal in common: preserve our quality of life. We are working for wide tree-lined sidewalks, consideration of traffic issues, and citizen involvement in Sarasota’s development approval process. Only when Sarasota residents are actually part of the process will the city protect the quality of life that makes us enjoy life here.
Join our ten-member Steering Committee, the growing list of Advisory Board members and our volunteers. When we joined together we found we were all asking the same questions:
  • How could the City of Sarasota have approved The Vue?  
  • How will the City handle the resulting traffic?  
  • What will the future of Sarasota look like?
  • What can the public do?
Together we can work for meaningful progress – a quality future.